Join us for the 9th International Symposium on Metallomics

June 17th – 21st 2024 Bush House, London, UK


Virtual registration is open until 17th June 2024.

Welcome to ISM9!


The growing field of metallomics signifies more than the study of metals in biological systems. It shows us how the width and depth of the periodic table – inextricably woven into the fabric of life – is a Rosetta Stone for ground-breaking scientific discovery. Metallomics has the power to bridge cross-discipline and sector gaps to foster more effective science, crucial in a world where the need for real solutions to complex human and environmental issues persist.

Our theme for ISM9 is sustainability, addressing how we can have a sustainable research impact through breaking scientific and cultural silos, whilst engaging a wider community to support meaningful and directed collaborations in this evolving field. Four overarching tracks for metals in Human Health, Environmental Health, Emerging Enabling Technologies, and Sustainability & Regeneration will facilitate rich discussions for new horizons in metallomics research among academic and clinical researchers, industry, and the commercial sectors.

Metals in Human Health

“Join us to employ metallomics for gaining valuable insights into the critical relationship between metals and human health. “

  • Health & Disease
  • Public & Occupational Health
  • Diagnostics & Therapeutics

Metals in Environmental Health

“We will delve deeper into interface topics where metallomics intersects with emerging topics of significant scientific & societal importance where analytical advances are driving innovation in health & environmental sustainability.”

  • Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Metal Ecotoxicology
  • Metal Bio-recovery & Remediation

Metals in Emerging Enabling Technologies

“Gain insight into the latest emerging technologies for transformative breakthroughs and interdisciplinary discoveries in metallomics research.”

  • Transformative Technology & Method Development
  • Theoretical & Applied Bioinorganic Chemistry

Metals in Regeneration & Sustainability

“Join us in our quest to tackle 21st-century challenges by delving into the transformative power of metallomics across the crucial sectors of energy & transport, biotechnology, and circular economy.”

  • Energy & Transport
  • Biotechnology
  • Circular Economy

About the Venue

ISM9 will be hosted by King’s College London at the iconic London landmark Bush House, located in the heart of London along the Thames River with walking distances to the London Eye, the Shard, Westminster, and Big Ben. You don’t get more central than this!

More about the venue

About London

With an eclectic mix of cultures, languages, and perspectives, London is one of the most diverse cities in the world offering a rich cultural experience, vibrant night life, and the epicentre of a scientific history of breakthrough discovery. Expect one smashing social programme for ISM9!

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International Advisory Committee

Maria Montes-Bayon, Spain
José Luis Gómez Ariza, Spain
Kazuya Kikuchi, Japan
Frank Vanhaecke, Belgium
Lucia Banci, Italy
Angela Casini, Germany
Marco Aurélio Zezzi Arruda, Brazil
Joerg Feldmann, Austria
Chunying Chen, China
Qiuquan Wang, China
Ryszard Łobiński, France
Peter Sadler, UK
David Giedroc, USA
Katherine Franz, USA
Elizabeth New, Australia
Sabeeha Merchant, USA
Kevin Waldron, Poland
Joseph Cotruvo, Jr. USA
Nigel Robinson, UK
Heidi Goenaga-Infante, UK

Local Organising Committee

Theodora Stewart (Chair), King’s College London
Lydia Sandiford (Lead Event Coordinator), King’s College London
Owen Addison, King’s College London
Laura Ashfield, Johnson Matthey
Sarah Barry, King’s College London
Philp Blower, King’s College London
Renata Da Costa Magueta, King’s College London
Alexander Griffiths, King’s College London
Amy Griffin, King’s College London
Christer Hogstrand, King’s College London
Susan Little, University College London
Giovanni Mann, King’s College London
Wolfgang Maret, King’s College London
Alexander Morrell, King’s College London
Ian Mudway, Imperial College
Adam Sedgwick, King’s College London
Po-Wah So, King’s College London
Kaila Srai, University College London
Karin Tuschl, University College London
Richard Siow, King’s College London

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